Product List

                                                                                         The Usual Suspects


Deadgirl Fudge **The chewiest, fudgiest brownie you’ll ever encounter. Deep and dark to its very core. Purely vile without milk.

Nutty Deadgirl Fudge **Original fudge brownie gone nuts! (It’s loaded with chopped toasted walnuts).

Peanut Butter Jammers **No jammer tough enough to break through these layers of rich peanut butter, cream cheese, and fudge.  Go Omaha Roller Derby Girls!

Bad Arse Cheesecake Brownies **Seriously wicked swirls of cheesecake atop a layer of dark chocolate brownie. Bad Arse like Daryl Dixon…without the crossbow, of course.

Sinister Black Bean***Seriously mean fudginess low in sugar and high in fiber.

Bars and Other Nostalgic Treats

DeadBlondies**Our original “blonde” brownie. A naughty combination of brown sugar, browned butter, and toffee to die for.

Well, Orangayasweet Blondies   **An innocent blondie victimized by tangy orange flavor; each bar drizzled with sweet orange glaze.

FakeBlondies  **Looks like an original blondie and smells like an original blondie, but you can see its chocolate chunk roots showing!

Cereal Killers** Old-fashioned marshmallow cereal bars done the Deadgirl way.  Come see what classic Killer we are featuring each week!

Oatmeal Scream Pies**A generous smear of Deadgirl’s hand-forged Sweet Scream filling sandwiched between two moist, salted oatmeal layers of sin. Just the right combination of salty sweet badness.

Tallahassee Snack Cake**No need to wander the world seeking out the “last” Twinkie. We’ve got a knock off that trumps the original! A soft, golden cake bursting with Deadgirl’s hand-forged airy Marshmallow Scream filling.

(Gluten Free) Peanut Butter Possessed Cookies**Our flourless peanut butter cookies have been possessed by a soul-stealin’ combo of creamy peanut butter and gluten-free tart strawberry jam.

Whoopie Pies

Classic Hitchcock **Pillowy chocolate cookie-cake stuffed with creamy Marshmallow Scream filling; a black and white classic!

Double Chocolate Whoopie Massacre **Slaughter chocolate cravings mercilessly with a chocolate cookie-cake stuffed with rich Chocolate butterscream and rolled in chocolate chips

Don’t Fall Asleep Mocha **1,2, Freddy’s coming for you. But don’t worry this whoopie is loaded with rich chocolate coffee butterscream guaranteed to keep you up all night. Nancy warned you!

Cupcakes: Made for little monsters of all ages!

Chocolate Macabre **The deadliest, darkest, moistest chocolate cake you’ll ever experience smothered in chocolate butterscream frosting and chocolate sprinkles.

Red Velvet Vampire Bites**Sink your fangs into a tangy and light classic red velvet cake draped generously in hand-forged Screamcheese frosting.

Naked Chocolate Vegan**Bare and luscious without the dairy; scantily clad in a tempting coffee glaze and vegan chocolate sprinkles.

Scooby Snacks **Ruh-Roh, Shaggy! It’s a psychedelic tye-dye vanilla cupcake frosted in signature Scooby colors with a Scooby graham cookie on top (No, it’s not for dogs!!)

Revenge of the Nerds **It’s a seriously yummy Nerds candy vanilla cupcake takeover!!  (Makes all the popular cupcakes jealous).

Fresh From the Grave **Dig in to a Chocolate Macabre cupcake crawling with fresh cookie dirt and gummi worms.


Rue Morgue **Enough gothic dark chocolate to make Edgar Allan Poe smile

King Kong **Fresh bananas and yummy chocolate chips make this irresistible to man and ape alike.


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