Leprechaun: Guinness Gold Cupcakes, Unlucky Charms, & Evil Leprechaun Cocktail


Try as they will, and try as they might, whoever steals his gold won’t live through the night.

            According to well-known Irish folklore, leprechauns are mischievous, smooth talking, devious little tricksters. They like their fun, but they also work hard, hammering out shoe after shoe for their elfin employers. They receive gold coins for their pay, and the coin crocks are secretly stashed away from the likes of greedy humans.

Also, it is written that to catch a leprechaun is already difficult, but to keep him captive and get his treasure is just almost downright impossible. If you are lucky enough to do so, it is advised to keep an unbreakable gaze upon him. For if you don’t, the wee man will surely vanish.

Of course, there are other ways one can try to obtain a leprechaun’s treasures. Follow him to the end of a rainbow. Bait a trap with a few faux coins. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be luck enough to land yourself some loot.

Unfortunately, that didn’t quite work out for Dan O’Grady. In 1993’s schlocky horror film, Leprechaun, Mr. O’Grady caught a wee fellow and his gold, but Dan soon discovered his luck had run out…

leprechaun movie poster

Really, I love Leprechaun for all its badness. Bad dialogue, bad acting from a supporting cast, and bad typecasting of leprechaun folklore all blended into one. The best of the worst is the bad death scene. You know; the one involving a homicidal leprechaun on a pogo stick spewing demented limericks while bouncing across someone’s chest. That’s my wheresmygold movifancentralfave! happy evil lep

But you can’t celebrate another St. Patrick’s Day without, at some point, tuning in to this golden stone and rooting for the little bad guy. To go along with this mandatory viewing, I’ve concocted some goodies to die for that correlate with some of my favorite lines from the movie!

The Recipes:

“I’ll not rest til I have me gold. Curse this well that me soul shall dwell til I find me magic that breaks me spell.” –The Leprechaun


Guinness Gold Cupcakes with Irish Butterscream Frosting

*These deep crocks of chocolate spiked with dark, stout beer are good as gold. Topped with an adults-only hand-forged Irish ButterScream and a generous heap of gold sugar, they make fairly effective Leprechaun bait!

Ingredients: (Makes 18-24 irresistible treasures)

1 cup baking cocoa, 2 cups sugar, 2 ¾ cups cake flour, 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp baking powder, ¼ tsp salt, 4 eggs, 2 sticks butter (softened), 2 cups Guinness beer, 1 tsp pure vanilla extract. For frosting: 1 stick butter (soft), 1/3 cup Bailey’s Irish cream, 1/8 tsp salt, 4-5 cups powdered sugar (depending on how thick you’d like it), gold sugar sprinkles.

Equipment/materials: Gold cupcake liners, 2 cupcake pans, hand/stand mixer, pastry bag fitted with metal tip #2D or spreader

How To Make Em:

Cupcakes: Line cupcake pans with the liners. Give each a squirt of nonstick baking spray. Nothing too dramatic.

Cook and stir the beer and cocoa powder over medium heat. Stir constantly for about 2-3 minutes until the mixture is nice and smooth. Allow this to cool.

Using your hand/stand mixer, beat the butter and sugar into creamy submission. Add your eggs.

In a separate small bowl, sift together the boring stuff-flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.

Alternately, add the boring flour stuff and the cocoa beer to the creamed mixture. Start and end with your boring flour stuff. Stir in the vanilla.

Fill each cupcake cavity about 2/3 full. Bake for 15 mins on 350 degrees. (Cupcakes should come out clean with a center tester). Meanwhile, make the frosting.

Frosting: Using your hand/stand mixer, beat the butter, salt, and Irish cream into creamy submission. Slowly add the powdered sugar until smooth and your desired consistency. This will frost all 18-24 cupcakes!

Frost the cooled cupcakes using a spreader or metal tip pastry bag. Generously sprinkle with tons of gold sugar! (And prepare for plenty of compliments on your yummy creation!)

IMG_0904Hey, Lep! F*** You, Lucky Charms!” –Alex

Unlucky Charms Bars

*This is a gimmicky version of that favorite crisped rice cereal bar you may remember from your younger days. Except, I Leprechauned it up for you by replacing boring, bland crisped rice cereal with sugar-coated marshmallow-infused goodness.  Now you can have your old childhood cereal and eat it too!

Ingredients: (Makes 12-16 charms)

4 Tbsp butter, 1 bag of large marshmallows, 7 cups Lucky Charms cereal

Equipment/Materials: 9×13 baking pan

How to Make em: Prep your baking pan with nonstick baking spray.

In a large pot on the stove, melt the butter. Add the marshmallows, stirring until they are melted and smooth. Remove from heat. Add the cereal a cup at a time until it is completely covered in melty marshmallow butter. Spoon out into your baking pan and gently-with the slightest touch-press into the pan. Allow to set. Cover to keep them fresh.

Note: The slight touch will give you soft crunchiness that won’t break your teeth out at first bite!

Tip: You can liven them up even more by adding flavored marshmallows. This time of year there are lots of choices for pastel marshmallow flavors!

IMG_0909Evil Leprechaun Cocktail

“That thing is a leprechaun, and we’ve gotta find a way to stop it.”-Tory

*Ah, a naughty, creamy libation depicting all the qualities of the iconic Irish leprechaun. It’s fun, it’s quirky, it disappears quickly, and it’s loaded with drink. But the addition of ice cream turns it totally sinful!!

Ingredients: (Makes 1 evil cocktail)

3 ounces cold coffee, 1 ounce Irish whiskey, ½ ounce Kahlua, ½ ounce Bailey’s Irish cream, 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, and 2 cups crushed ice

Equipment/Materials: blender

How to Make It: Add all the ingredients to the blender, including the crushed ice. Give it a few spins on blend until well blended. I give it a few rounds on liquefy just to get those bigger ice chunks to size. Blend to your tastes. Pour into a serving glass and garnish with a cute flag like I did!

Tip: If you must have it green, substitute mint chip ice cream  for the vanilla ice cream.

              Until next time…Stay spooky, my fiends. And stalk The Horror Congress regularly.


Slumber Party Massacre: Driller Killer Cupcakes and Truth or Dare Punch

                              Dying for a Girls’ Night In? Invite the gals over for a Slumber Party Massacre.


It should be known (by now) that I am a serious 80’s slasher film enthusiast. Since 1982, Slumber Party Massacre has reigned supreme on my favorites list. It offers up a bit of sweet nostalgia for those of us who endured sleepless nights in the name of girlish fun. And perhaps a bit of sweet satisfaction for those who agonized over not being invited…

While most slumber party-goers are telling ghost stories or watching horror movies, Trish and her pajama-clad friends are living one when escaped lunatic, Russ Thorne (aka the Driller Killer), crashes the party. He’s delivering more than just pizza. Although what he does to the pizza delivery boy with the handy new drill he’s acquired is pretty impressive.

My favorite lines from the movie come from Kim and Jackie. After Kim evaluates the eyeless pizza boy flopped across the floor, she confirms, “He’s dead allright. So cold.” (Awesome dialogue, I know). Jackie responds with, “Is the pizza?” And then she chomps down a piece! Ah, a girl after my own heart.

   The Recipes: In honor of this most beloved scene and my favorite driller kill, I present to you the Driller Killer Cupcake. It is an extravagant “bloody” red velvet cupcake topped with a crudely extracted vanilla cake eye ball. Gruesome, not girly, and a complete overkill of cake kind of dessert just perfect to serve at your next massacre.

Pair it up with a Truth or Dare cocktail and you are sure to have a memorable massacre! I took my love for sangria and combined it with my passion for apple cider and came up with a loaded party punch sure to induce many truths from your tight-lipped gal pals. I DARE you to try it!

A few tips: A recipe for red velvet cupcakes and homemade Screamcheese frosting can be found in the Previous Blog Posts section under February 2012. Also, if you don’t have a favorite vanilla cake ball/pop recipe, feel free to check out my cake ball/pop tutorial in the Previous Blog Posts section under December 2011. Be warned that I use a Bake Pops cake pan to make my cake eyeballs.

Driller Killer Cupcakes

(I “see” 18-24 cupcakes in your future…)

Ingredients & Equipment:

Red velvet cupcake recipe or your fave box mix

1 batch Screamcheese frosting or your fave canned variety

Your favorite vanilla cake ball or cake pop recipe

11/2 cans white vanilla frosting (DO NOT use the whipped variety)

1 tube Wilton red icing

1 package Wilton candy eyeballs

Cupcake pans

Cookie sheet

Parchment paper

Red and white dotted cupcake liners OR liners of your choice (the dotted ones just happened to be most appropriate for my blood soaked color scheme)

Decorating tip #3 and a coupler ring

How To Make Em:

-Prepare the vanilla cake balls according to recipe directions. Allow to cool completely.

-While they are cooling, prepare the red velvet cupcakes according to recipe directions. Allow to cool.

-Prepare the Screamcheese frosting if you are making it yourself. Frost your cooled cupcakes.

-Line a cookie sheet or two with parchment paper.

-Add the white canned frosting to a microwave safe bowl sufficient enough in size to dip the cake balls. Microwave the frosting for about 30-45 seconds until it is pourable, but not too runny.

-Working quickly, dip each cake ball into the frosting with a large spoon. Turn to coat. If the frosting becomes too stiff while dipping, you might want to reheat it for just a few seconds to get back to a workable consistency.

-Place the dipped cake balls on parchment paper. Again, working quickly, add a candy eyeball (that will serve as your pupil) to each coated cake ball.

-Allow the cake balls to set.

-Use the red tube icing to etch on those ghastly red threads and allow the cake balls to set again.

-Once the eye balls are set, place one eyeball precariously atop one cupcake, repeat with remaining eyeballs and cupcakes, and revel in the squeals of the squeamish!

Truth or Dare Punch

Please take the dead body out of the fridge before chilling the punch.

(Makes a lot)


½ gallon chilled apple cider

1 bottle red wine

¼ cup brandy

¼ cup orange liqueur

Garnishes: apple and orange slices

Punch bowl and ladle

How to Make It:

-Add the wine, brandy, and liqueur to the punch bowl. My suggestion would be to refrigerate the mix for at least an hour or possibly overnight to let the flavors mingle.

-Just before serving, add the apple cider to the punch bowl.

Garnish with thin apple and orange slices.

Serve, and let the slumber party games begin!

Happy Birthday to Me: Happy Birthday Brownie Cupcakes & Buttercream Martini

Birthdays are a big deal around here. I’m a DIY party Deadgirl so once I decide upon a theme, I pretty much fixate on every tiny detail, working my nights and weekends on my many ultra snazzy party creations. Handmade invitations, cupcake toppers, food tents, table top décor, anything I can imagine, I attempt to make before settling on buying. And that also includes the food!
            When conjuring up an idea for a birthday or any kind of themey get-together, I usually rummage through my vast collection of horror. Fortunately, I’m never disappointed by a lack of fresh subject matter. One of my favorites is definitely Cupcakes, Cocktails, and Corpses inspired by the early 80’s slasher film, Happy Birthday to Me.
My Screen Rant: I’m (obviously) quite partial to my 80’s slashers, and this particular title does not let down. To today’s younger, more impatient, less seasoned horror viewers, Happy Birthday to Me may seem a bit slow at times, but the agonizing pace is all part of its pleasure. Because giving away even a few details will spoil the movie, let me set the most basic stage for you non-seers of this classic: College coed, Virginia (the main character), has finally been accepted as a member of the hip crowd, but soon her cool friends start dying in totally awesome ways (dig my 80’s slang). And just days away from her birthday, you may fear she’ll have no one left to invite to her party. No worries. Her friends are true blue to the end. Not even death can keep them from celebrating Virginia’s big day.
            With all the who’s-in-love-or-sleeping-with-who drama, this movie is the St. Elmo’s Fire of scary movies. Although Happy Birthday’s only real attempt at romance begins with a cozy fireside shish kebab dinner and ends with the metal skewer rammed into someone’s mouth. Yowch! As you are introduced to an extensive line of real creepers, Virginia being the creepiest in my opinion, Etienne, Rudy, Alfred, and even Doc Faraday all become suspects right away. And with that I shall type no more for fear of ruining this major Whodunit for non-seers.    
          How can you incorporate this movie into your own Cupcakes, Cocktails, and Corpses party? Give it a watch. Find what inspires you about the film. Invite your friends to come as corpses. Match cupcake flavors with its familiar cocktail counterpart. How about chocolate cupcakes and chocolate martinis? Fresh apple cakes with spiked apple cider? Orange Chardonnay cupcakes with mimosas? Seriously, I could list a thousand. Get yourself on the web and start typing for cocktail cupcake recipes-chances are you’ll find one that suits your sweet fancy. (I found a tomato soup cupcake to compliment a Bloody Mary. Wowzer!) Want to serve savory appetizers? Start with anything served on a stick! Just don’t get too carried away with the empty skewer
The Recipes: Brownie Cupcakes and ButterScream Martinis; a match made in birthday heaven. You see, brownies are my niche. They are the crème of my sugary confection crop. I love making them mainly because they take no serious technical skill just excellent ingredients and a bit of creativity to turn them extraordinary. I top these brownie bites with a batch of my Milk Chocolate ButterScream frosting and a festive dash of colorful nonpareils. Let’s sing!
“Waitin’ for an invitation to arrive. Goin’ to a party where no one’s still alive. It’s a dead man’s party. Who could ask for more? Everybody’s comin’, leave your body at the door…” Dead Man’s Party; Oingo Boingo
Happy Birthday Brownie Cupcakes
(Makes 10 birthday treats)
6 oz unsweetened chocolate (chopped with a sharp blade)
1 stick of butter (also chopped with a sharp blade)
¾ c brown sugar
2 eggs (room temp, please)
1 tsp vanilla
¾ c all-purpose flour
¼ tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
1 recipe of Milk Chocolate ButterScream frosting (to follow)
Pastry bag fitted with a decorating tip of your choice (to pipe on the frosting real cute)
Birthday print baking cups
Candy deco sprinkles (your favorite kind!)
 Prep: Add baking cups to a 12-cup muffin pan. Always give your baking cups a spray or two of nonstick baking spray for best liner results. I do, and it works!  Obligatory Reminder: Preheat your oven to 325 degrees.
1. Add the chocolate and butter to a microwave-safe bowl. Heat for about a minute. Stir until smooth. Allow to cool.
2. In a large bowl, whisk the sugar, eggs, and vanilla into foamy submission for 2-3 minutes.
3. Add the melted chocolate and stir until thoroughly combined.
4. In another small bowl, add the flour, baking powder, and salt. Stir to combine.
5. Fold the flour mix into the chocolate batter until it is fully incorporated.
6. Use your ice cream/cupcake scoop to fill each lined cavity 2/3 full.
7. Bake at 325 (middle shelf, please) for 15 minutes. Brownie cupcakes should be firm and well risen to indicate doneness.
8. Prepare the frosting according to the directions below.
9. Allow to cool a few minutes in the pan, then remove to a wire cooling rack and cool completely before piping on the frosting.
10. Prepare your piping bag by adding the deco tip (size/style is your choice) and filling with frosting. Pipe a big ole swirl atop each brownie cupcake. Decorate right away with yummy sprinkles and adorn each treat with a single birthday candle. Lighting them is optional.  
Milk Chocolate Frosting
(Frosts 2 dozen cupcakes)
4 oz dark chocolate (chopped)
4 oz milk chocolate (chopped) **I love using a Hershey’s chocolate bar for this frosting!!
2/3 c heavy whipping cream
1 tbsp maple syrup
1 stick butter (soft and chopped up)
(1) 16 oz bag powdered sugar (Add a cup at a time)
1. Add the chopped chocolate and chopped butter to a medium heat-proof bowl. (I chop the butter because it melts faster and easier that way).
2. Heat the cream and syrup in a small saucepan until it just begins to boil.
3. Pour the syrup cream over the chocolate and butter. Stir until smooth. Leave to cool for at least 5 minutes.
4. Add the powdered sugar one cup at a time for desired consistency to the cooled chocolate mix and stir by hand until well blended.
**I only add about 3-4 cups, but if you want a thicker frosting-add more.

Before the frosting…

                                     After the frosting
ButterScream Martini
For one drink, you will need
1 oz spiced rum
½ oz butterscotch schnapps
½ oz vanilla schnapps
1 ½ oz half and half
Ice cubes
A sprinkle of candy confetti
A cocktail shaker and martini glasses (enough for all your imbibing guests, of course)
Pour the half and half along with both schnapps flavors into a cocktail shaker. Add a bit of ice. Cover and shake until the liquid is very cold. Strain the liquid into a chilled martini glass. Garnish the drinks with a sprinkling of celebratory candy confetti. Cheers to another year alive! I hope….