About DeadgirlBaking LLC; Goodies to Die For


                                                       Welcome to the Kitchen of the Macabre

I’m DeadgirlBaking llc, a horror-iffic direct sales baking project specializing in brownies & bar desserts, whoopie pies, kiddie cupcakes, and other nostalgic treats.

“For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised, incorruptible, and we shall be changed,” 1 Corinthians 15:52

In the Kitchen:

-All of my products are inspired by my obsession with the horror genre and horror culture.

-My products reflect my personal preference for richness and chocolate. However, I do offer a few non-chocolate treats for those blasphemers out there that claim to dislike it. (See my product list for details).

-I make homemade, indulgent, and fun yummies enhanced with “hand-forged” frostings and fillings.

-I use real natural ingredients, good-quality chocolate, and locally grown eggs. NO imitation extracts, faux cocoa, boxed mixes, etc. With DeadgirlBaking, you get the real deal.

At this Site:

-Visitors are welcome and encouraged to stalk this site. You will be privy to a barrage of continuous horror recipes blogs and DeadgirlBusiness updates. It’s super easy. Just click the Follow button and confirm you want to stalk me on your email account.

-Keep tabs on my goodies by checking the schedule I will obsessively update. Creature Features are weekly specials I will offer at each market location. The good news is I’m always concocting something new and unbelievably tasty, and I like to share!!

-Say something! Leave comments about the blog, movies, my goodies, or whatever’s on your mind under the Say Something Tab on my homepage.

All my ghoulfriends know I bake killer treats!

FYI: DeadgirlBaking LLC is an unlicensed & uninspected home kitchen that is only allowed to sell at direct sales venues. But I see big things happening here…

*I do not own the creepy images I post on this site or within my blog. They are not my original designs-just borrowed from some other original soul…thank you!


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